Ballooning is predominately a summer sport, our season commences the later part of April and finishes mid-October. The main problem with flying in the winter is the wet ground, basically we can not drive on farmers fields to retrieve large passenger balloons as there would be a likely chanceof becoming stuck and damaging the land. Secondly we can not put away the balloons damp, as this will deteriorate the balloon material.

How to Redeem your Voucher

To redeem your voucher and book your balloon flight on one of our scheduled flights just log in at the top of this web page, register using your surname, voucher number and expiry date. If you have a VIP voucher please contact our office for a bespoke date.

Once someone receives the voucher it is then valid for 12 months during which period a flight can be booked according to the type of voucher e.g sunrise, sunset or anytime. Booking must be made a few weeks in advance of the ideal flying date as there is limited availability due to high demand during the summer months. Hot air ballooning is weather dependent so on the occasion that it is not possible to fly, providing your voucher is within its validity period you may re-book your flight for another date at no extra charge. If you have not made 5 attempts and your voucher is about to expire you can extend the voucher for £40 per person as per our terms and conditions. If the recipient of the voucher does not wish to use it then they may give the voucher to another person and notify us of the change of passenger or they can exchange the voucher for souvenirs of the same value as per our terms and conditions.

Passengers with vouchers purchased during the winter or remaining from the previous season, should telephone to book in from January onwards.