Purchase FAQs

Q: How can i purchase a voucher?Show
A voucher can be purchased either online or by calling one of the team on 01428 707 307. We recommend using our secure online booking system to make your purchase which will give you the option to have your vouchers sent by email to yourself or a recipient.
Q: How long will it take to receive my vouchers?Show
From the point when you make the purchase your vouchers will take up to 2 working days to be sent. Alternatively we can post special next day delivery or you can order online and request your vouchers be sent by email.
Q: What is the minimum age to go ballooning?Show
Generally the minimum age to be able to take a balloon ride is 8 years old. It is on the conditions that one is fit and well, tall enough to see over the edge of the basket, be able to stand for one hour, jump off a kitchen chair and should be able to bend their knees a little. We do not have an age limit as long as these criteria’s can be met.
Q: Is it safe booking online?Show
Our online booking system uses a securely encrypted server so your details are always secure and never passed on to anyone else. We use the UK leading payment provider Secure Trading to process payments. So you can be reassured your credit card details are securely processed.

Booking a Flight FAQs

Q: How do i use my voucher?Show
Once you have purchased a voucher and are ready to go ballooning, you can register at the Customer Login page of our website to book a flight date. Once you have a date booked you will then need to ring the weatherline at the given time to check that your flight is going ahead. With ballooning being so weather dependant, not always will you be able to fly on the first date you book. We only fly in the summer months between mid April and mid October as it is too wet to fly in the winter. During the busy months of July and August please allow a couple of weeks for the date you would like to fly. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
Q: What if the weather is no good on the day?Show
For morning flights you will need to ring the weatherline the night before to find out if the flight is going ahead and for evening flights you will need to call about 3 hours before the meeting time. If the weather is not suitable on the day you have booked you can rebook another date for your flight online.
Q: If I am pregnant can i go ballooning?Show
You can not fly at any period during your pregnancy. If you have become pregnant during the period of your voucher then ring the office they will be able to advise you regarding extending your voucher. Please note if you have a flight booked we require 5 days notice to cancel your flight.

The Ballooning Experience FAQs

Q: What is the best time to fly?Show
We operate our season between mid April and mid October. Weekend summer evenings are the most popular, but spring and autumn can produce some of the best flying conditions, with changing colours and flights of greater distances.
Q: Where will we land?Show
Balloons fly with the wind, so we only know the approximate direction,not the exact landing point.
Q: Can I cancel my flight?Show
Passengers cancelling at the last minute or not arriving at the meeting time can jeopardise the whole flight by making the loading too light for the balloon to fly within its safety margins. Please allow plenty of time for your journey to the balloon launch site, particularly at busy times such as summer weekday evenings, bank holidays etc. Failure to turn up for your flight when it has been confirmed has the potential to cause immense disappointment to others and you would lose your voucher and you would not be able to rebook. We do need 5 working days notice to cancel a flight date booking as per our terms and conditions
Q: What should i wear?Show
Ladies, please do not wear high heels. Stout waterproof shoes or wellingtons are advisable as the field can often be very damp early morning and evening. A hat for those who may be 'thin on top' as the burner creates quite a lot of radiant heat. It is just as warm in the sky as on the ground - the same clothes as one would wear to go out on the day for a walk, will be quite adequate.
Q: Can friends watch the take-off?Show
Friends and family are welcome to come along and watch the balloon take off. They may also follow the balloon with the ground crew and hopefully watch the balloon land.
Q: Will I be insured?Show
The balloon and passengers are insured to the maximum of two and a half million pounds for any one claim. So you are in safe hands!
Q: Where can i fly from?Show
Balloon Safaris have many launch sites around London. Visit our 'locations' page for more information and interactive maps. Sunrise and Sunset vouchers are restricted to certain flight locations. Please visit 'voucher & prices' section for more details.
Q: How safe is ballooning?Show
The answer is, very safe. Hot air ballooning has the best safety record of any form of flying. We only fly when conditions are safe, our pilots are highly qualified and all are commercially licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority.
Q: How long does the balloon flight take?Show
The balloon flight lasts for approximately an hour or so, but please allow three to four hours in total. Ballooning takes place in light wind conditions and good visibility with no rain, overcast conditions are perfectly acceptable and often ideal for flying. Flights take place early in the morning (06:00 hrs) and early evening (18:00 hrs) when winds are lights and the weather stable. Launch times vary with the time of sunset and sunrise.
Q: Why does my weight matter?Show
All balloons are weight loaded and it is very important for accurate weights, especially in the summer months when the temperature is in excess of 20 degrees. In the interests of safety and operational requirements we cannot undertake the carriage of passengers whose declared weight exceeds 18 stone (114kg).
Q: How high will we go in a balloon?Show
Generally the maximum height you will go in a balloon is not above 2500ft, normally our cruising height is around 1000ft. The temperature in the balloon is very similar as on the ground, there is no wind chill factor.
Q: Will I go over the top of my house?Show
We can not guarantee you will go over an area that you want to. The direction the balloon will go is dependent on the wind direction. You will not be landing where you took off. The retreive crew will offer you a lift back at the end of your flight. Alternatively your friends and family can follow to give you a lift straight home.
Q: What is the temperature in the balloon?Show
It is generally the same temperature in the balloon as on the ground. So dress appropriately givent the weather conditions of the day of your flight.
Q: Can I bring a camera along?Show
The answer is yes but we can not be held responsible for any loss or damage. During the balloon flight you will have many opportunities to take photographs.
Q: What are the minimum physical requirements to go ballooning?Show
You will need to be fit enough to be able to stand for at least an hour. We generally say, if you can jump off a chair then you are ok to go ballooning. Please see our terms and conditions for more information about health and fitness.
Q: How many people are in the balloon?Show
There may be 10 – 16 passengers in the balloon basket.