Hot Air Balloon Gifts

What better way to celebrate a special occasion than a balloon flight over the stunning English countryside? People of all ages will find the ballooning experience unforgettable. Balloon Safaris provides a range of options to suit any occasion.

  • Anniversary
  • Birthday Present
  • Retirement Present
  • Wedding Gift
  • Leaving Gift
  • Just for the adventure

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Weekday Morning

An early morning balloon flight over the beautiful English countryside is the perfect start to the day. Get away from it all and relax in the unrivalled tranquility of the sky. You can enjoy the experience of a lifetime before your day has even really begun. If you can make it to one of our launch sites on selected early midweek morning then you're in for an experience that will literally blow you away.

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Come and join us for a midweek evening flight. The perfect way to relax after work or to simply make the most of your summer evenings. An evening spent flying above the British countryside is one you will truly never forget. So what are you waiting for? Come fly with us!

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For an extra special treat there can be nothing better than a tranquil balloon ride over the breathtaking English countryside. The perfect way to brighten the start to your day or unwind afterwards, a balloon flight with us is a truly unforgettable experience. Join us at one of our launch sites around London and the south coast and choose from selected dates throughout the week.

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What to Expect on your Balloon Flight

On arriving at the launch site your crew will begin the pre-flight preparations and you will be able to participate in the inflation of your balloon and learn about how the process works. You will then be invited to step into the basket and at this point the whole experience comes alive. As the balloon lifts in to the sky you cannot fail to be captivated by the sense of tranquillity and quiet that envelopes the basket. Within minutes the balloon will rise to a height offering unparalleled views of the landscape and a unique perspective of life on the ground.

Your experienced pilot will point out local landmarks whilst guiding you gracefully through the skies. When the time comes, the pilot will identify a suitable landing location and safely guide you back to earth. Once the balloon is packed away, you will observe the long-standing traditions of ballooning by raising a glass of bubbly to toast a successful flight.

You will be presented with a certificate to commemorate your experience with Balloon Safaris and offered transportation back to your vehicle at the launch site. The entire experience will last approximately three hours; a journey you will never forget.