Hot Air Balloon Flight

A hot air balloon flight offers the perfect way to absorb aesthetic beauty of the beautiful English countryside. View your local area from a totally different perspective or take it up, up and away to a different location and view landscapes that will take your breath away.

A hot air balloon flight across the Home Counties provides memories that will last a lifetime: stunning sunrises, romantic sunsets and a blanket of Autumnal colours to pleasure all the senses in the freshest of atmospheres. Embrace the beauty that is in your own back garden and view the stunning English countryside. Why travel further afield for a relaxing experience when all this fresh air and aesthetical splendour can be had with a hot air balloon flight?

Hot Air Balloon Flights

Hot air balloon flights over the countryside will leave you in awe of the magic of flying, and with a number of flight locations in and around the capital, why not treat that special person in your life to a Balloon Flight in London?

Early Morning and Evening hot air balloon flights are the most breath taking of all, where you will see the light change and the whole landscape take on a completely different aura. Share this experience with a loved one for a truly romantic time, celebrating an anniversary or birthday with a balloon flight in London that will create memories you will never forget. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and experience the magic of hot air balloon flights. Treat family or friends and yourself to a balloon flight in London or over the beautiful English countryside which you can enjoy from a unique perspective as you soar through the sky for a truly magical experience.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A Hot air balloon ride gives you a view of the landscape in such tranquil surroundings that are unbeatable and will captivate you and be imprinted on your mind forever. To ensure you have a sense of where you are, your hot air balloon ride pilot will be able to point out local landmarks that take on a totally different aspect from above. Gliding through the sky your whole perspective on the area in which you live will be changed. After this wonderful experience, your pilot will safely guide you back to ground.

However, this is not the end of your memories as hot air balloon ride tradition states that raising a glass of bubbly to a successful flight is the order of things. A certificate from Balloon Safaris to commemorate your flight will be presented to you and you will be offered transportation back to your vehicle. If you so wish, you could have friends or family meet you at your destination. Allow three to four hours for your experience of a lifetime.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot air balloon rides can be taken across various counties from the Garden of England (Kent) across London, Sussex or Hampshire. The magnificence of the Home Counties is best seen from the skies in an experience that only hot air balloon rides can offer - taking in the crisp blue atmosphere, the wonderful vistas and the most amazing panoramic views.

Each location is easily accessible making transport convenient and affordable. Hot air balloon rides across London are popular for corporate events where something a little 'out of the box' is required to impress clients or reward hard working employees.

Balloon Trips

Balloon trips allow you to experience the vastness and beauty of England then from up in the air. Soar through the sky in comfort and style on one of our great balloon trips. All you have to do is book and turn up, our trained pilots will take care of the rest- including pouring your glass of bubbly if you like. Balloon Safaris is a family run business operating balloons around London and the Home Countries. With over 1000 hours flying experience and the best pilots in the country, we guarantee your safety and comfort from take-off to landing. Book your balloon trip today for the experience of a lifetime.

Hot Air Ballooning

Ever dream of hot air ballooning through the sky? Well there’s no better way to do it then in a hot air balloon. Balloon Safaris is a family run business that has been taking people hot air ballooning since 1988. We employ the country’s best pilots and have over 1000 hours of flying experience, so rest assured… you are in good hands! Whether you’re looking to take your office team out for a celebratory fly, or your fiancée for a romantic trip, we can accommodate you. From champagne to VIP flights our range of services is wide, not to mention the places we fly. Book your hot air ballooning trip today and experience the English countryside from above.